This data privacy security declaration applies specifically and exclusively to the AMBISADO service.

The Internet is a fabulous communication tool. With each passing day, we realize its growing importance in our lives, because, with one click on the mouse of our computer, the world is at our feet. People get closer; experiences are more quickly disseminated. The evolution of society is, nowadays, rampant.

For all these reasons, and so that everyone can increasingly trust in this means of communication, it is important for AMBISADO that all users of our services and visitors of our pages are guaranteed that their data is confidential.

When we ask for your name, address, telephone number, level of education, or other information, our aim is to maintain a closer relationship with our users. When you register, we begin to treat you by your own name, we are closer to you, and we can respond to your needs or requests more effectively.

If, for some reason, AMBISADO feels the need to update the privacy policy, you will be the first to be informed.

AMBISADO guarantees that this information WILL NOT be used in any list for promotional purposes via e-mail or telephone, nor will it be disclosed to any other organization or company. AMBISADO undertakes to protect your privacy and will make a great effort to ensure the use of a technology sufficiently effective to make your online experience safer every day and your relationships on the web increasingly stronger.

If you have any questions regarding this commitment, please, feel free to contact us.